Firstfruits began with an idea: How could women’s needs to gather with other women, experience God’s love and go forth more centered on their own giftedness and purpose be met? Then the Holy Spirit stepped in and something powerful happened!
In the beginning … Firstfruits began as a vision for a women’s ministry whose purpose was to gather women to experience God’s love. And as a result, be transformed!

As word spread about this unique opportunity, other parishes became interested in hosting a Firstfruits gathering. It became apparent to the founders of Firstfruits that this “gathering” needed to be moveable. We became known as a moveable feast of spiritual opportunities for women.

M.O.M.S. Series

October 24, 2017 @ 9:30 am – 11:00 am
Firstfruits Home Base
890 Elm Grove Road
Elm Grove, WI, Elm Grove, WI 53122
United States
Joan Carey

M.O.M.S. (Ministry of Moms Sharing) Series

Take time…make time…enjoy time…Get back in touch with that fun-loving person inside you that got lost in the diapers, laundry, meal prep, chauffeuring, soccer games, sleepovers, and school fundraisers.

These words are on the back of the M.O.M.S. Personal Journal that is used as the basis for this 7-week series devoted to you, a mom. We will cover topics relating to Self-Esteem, Stress, Worries and Anxiety, Everyday Spirituality, Feelings, Personal Growth, Expressing Values in Friendships, and Discernment of Gifts.

Come and join with other moms and share the challenges, confusion, and the joys each day brings as we try our best to live out our vocation as a mom. Come away with a greater realization of the sacredness of your call to motherhood.

7-week series held every Tuesday morning from Oct. 24 to Dec. 5.

FREE Trial available for first week of all Series. Please indicate ‘Free Trial’ on Registration Form.

Presenters: Firstfruits founder, Joan Carey, and her daughter, Chelsey Cardona