Firstfruits began with an idea: How could women’s needs to gather with other women, experience God’s love and go forth more centered on their own giftedness and purpose be met? Then the Holy Spirit stepped in and something powerful happened!
In the beginning … Firstfruits began as a vision for a women’s ministry whose purpose was to gather women to experience God’s love. And as a result, be transformed!

As word spread about this unique opportunity, other parishes became interested in hosting a Firstfruits gathering. It became apparent to the founders of Firstfruits that this “gathering” needed to be moveable. We became known as a moveable feast of spiritual opportunities for women.

Spiritual Scholars (6-Week Series)

September 13, 2018 @ 9:30 am – 11:00 am
FSD (Facility Support Donation; suggested $5) / FREE for Members

Join Marilyn Malcolm, author of The Disciple’s Wife, as she leads a discussion series on her book.

The Disciple’s Wife

Sarah, Simon Peter’s wife, never meant to follow Jesus. She was following her husband. Chasing after him. Trying to save him from the cult of a false messiah. In her pursuit, she wonders why only she seems to hear this charlatan proclaim himself to be God, again and again. And in her journey, she begins to recognize the truth.

Join us as we come to know Jesus better along with Peter’s wife, a Biblical figure who isn’t in the Bible. We know he had a wife only because Jesus healed his mother-in-law. In this fictional story, Simon Peter readily falls into step behind Jesus while Sarah walks a far more twisting, hesitant path.

For six weeks, we will travel with her and get to know Jesus through her journey and through Scripture.

Please read The Disciple’s Wife, Chapters 1-8, prior to our first gathering.

Books are available at Amazon.

You can also pick up a copy at Firstfruits. Contact Mary Stachowiak at 414-881-7909 to arrange a time. Cost is $10.00, payable at pick up.

For questions contact Diane Holzman at or Jean Gatton at

Presenter: Marilyn Malcolm