Keep Your Eyes Peeled

If you are reading one of my blogs for the first time, I promise they aren’t all this strange. I apologize in advance if you were hoping for inspiration or words to live by.  I’m not sure that is going to happen this week. Unless you’re inspired by another example of the strange images that seem to show up in my food. I’m not sure what to call it. What happens is, the food I eat not only keeps me alive, it comes alive.

Yes, you heard that right. If you don’t believe me, check out my blogs from July 7 and July 18 of 2021.

It’s been pizza, muffins and now my banana that looks like a small dog. (See picture above) I sent the picture to my sister and she replied, “I saw a mini Yorky at Panera today that looked just like that.”

The heart of my spirituality is seeing the Divine in the ordinary. You know from past blogs that I tend to “see” the presence of God all around me, not just in the more traditional places like church. I am passionate about sharing my God sightings with anyone who will listen. However, this food phenomenon has me speechless. I’m not sure what to make of it.

What I do know is that it is ironic and a bit amusing that these occurrences have happened in the summer months of June and July. Perhaps it’s God’s invitation to that carefree-ness I wrote about last week. A reminder to hand over our cares even if just for a day or an hour to him. Free ourselves to rest more, laugh more, and feel more deeply God’s loving presence.

I think God stays very busy trying to get our attention so He can fill us with the knowledge of his constant companionship and deep and abiding love for us. In summer He really ramps it up with the beauty of the landscape, the smell of the flowers, the songs of the birds, and the absurdity of my banana. He’s everywhere.

Keep your eyes peeled!


Joan Carey, Firstfruits executive director, is an author and speaker with a passion for helping women grow in their relationships with God. Her Ponder This book contains a series of modern day parables sure to get you thinking about and seeing our extraordinary God in our ordinary experiences. Joan invites you to use resources on this website for daily reflection in your journey to grow in God's loving care for you.
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