Ponder This

Firstfruits Reflection Series

Ponder This

a collection of modern day parables by Joan Carey

Jesus used parables to cause people to experience that kind of “aha” moment. Parables were stories using familiar subjects and everyday symbols to point to a deeper truth. Jesus’ parables often included familiar symbols of the time such as bread, wine, and sheep!

The parables centered on familiar activities of the day – fishing, farming, and herding. This made it easy to relate to; therefore, more likely to be remembered.

In order to understand the deeper meaning in the parables, you have to ponder them for awhile.

Ponder This reflections are like modern day parables.

They are  stories using familiar subjects and everyday symbols to point to a deeper truth. Ponder This does just that – causes you to ponder! Hopefully, as a result of that pondering, you will experience a “lightbulb”  moment.

A moment when the power of God’s Word and the truth of his promises catches your attention like never before and stays with you for a lifetime.

Copies of Ponder This are available at Firstfruits or contact Joan Carey.

  • The Dog Park

    If I had to guess, I’d say heaven is like the dog park. Not familiar with the dog park? It’s a vast open space where dogs and their owners can come

  • He’s Home

    Every party my parents ever had was a luau. Whether it was their anniversary, a neighborhood block party, or just a small group of friends over, there were alwa

  • Abiding

    Thank goodness for my four-legged friend, Rudy. On any given day he is the difference between the love I need and the love I receive. No offense to my husband a

  • Coincidences

    For the most part I don’t think there are many real coincidences. Yeah, I suppose when you show up at a dinner with the same dress as the woman sitting ne

  • A Mom to the End

    I was blessed to be with my mom when she died. It was just the two of us, or so it seemed. I had been at the nursing home most of the day. I called my husband t

  • Seagulls in the Parking Lot

    Every time I pull into the parking lot at my local Target store, I am amazed at the number of seagulls flying around. It strikes me as so odd that such beautifu

  • God in the Grocery Store

    I hate grocery shopping. I hate planning meals, shopping, loading, unloading, and cooking! Get the picture? I eat to live, not live to eat. And to be honest wit

  • If I Had the Courage

    My uncle Lee was one of those people who talked about God as if he were sitting right next to him. God was his constant companion. This seemed a little strange

  • Chocolate Milk or White

    One of my weirdest memories from grade school was right before lunch when John the janitor would wheel in a cart with precisely counted cartons of chocolate and

  • The Captain of Our Boat

    Barb and her daughter, Lindsey, were on a mother-daughter bonding trip over Spring Break. They went on a dolphin watching excursion. It started out lovely as th

  • My Sarcastic Dad

    My dad was a great man, a great husband, father, and provider. He had a great sense of humor, if you like the dry, sarcastic kind. He wasn’t that great at

  • Whatever Team Gets Off the Bus

    There once was a wise football coach, a woman coach, who prided herself on the fact that she prepared her team for anything. She wasn’t big on scouting ot

  • Chiropractors and Confession

    How do you feel about chiropractors? I know, mixed reactions. My chiropractor is a college friend, Russ, and he’s promised me he won’t snap my head

  • Stay Out of the Laundry Room

    Rudy is our family dog. He is a mutt, or a “$75 dog,” as my husband says. Basically he is a hound, which means his nose runs his life. Every once in

  • Dirty Laundry

    We are trying to sell our house. So when we have the showings, I have to make sure the house looks like nobody lives there. Which seems odd but OK, I’ll d

  • Mission Impossible

    Ah yes, the old Mission Impossible theme song. Remember when actor Peter Graves would get the instructions for his next mission from a tape recorder and off he

  • Grapefruit Sorbet

    I was minding my own business waiting at the deli counter for my lunch meat. A mom next to me had two small children with her. They were getting a little antsy

  • Tootsie Pop Theology

    Having athletes in the family, I’ve spent many hours in the gym. And many dollars at the concession stands. My treat of choice? The Tootsie Pop. It lasts

  • The Diet Starts Monday

    My friend Patty has fond memories of her visits to Grandma Elinor’s. Each visit included boat rides, yard games, new coloring books, and of course, food!

  • Growing Pains

    Isn’t it funny how smells can trigger memories? Like when I smell incense in church, I’m immediately back in grade school. Or when I smell leaves bu

  • Mr. Rogers

    I have to admit, even after my kids were in school full days, I would still sit down with a sandwich and turn on Mr. Rogers at 12:30. If everyone were like Fred

  • Why Squirrels Can’t Do Math

    I’m not a big fan of magic shows. No, it’s not that the magicians are usually kind of creepy looking or that their assistants don’t wear enoug

  • Going Where Your Feet Don’t Touch The Bottom

    Snorkeling in Hawaii. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? I was on the vacation of a lifetime. Everyone else was going snorkeling, so I said: “What the heck.” W

  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Did you ever stop and think about the similarities between the Wizard of Oz story and Christian discipleship? Look, – an unfulfilled farm girl is looking

  • Staying Too Close to Where You Got In

    It was bedtime for little Danny. Danny’s mom hoisted him into bed, said a prayer, kissed him on his sweaty six-year-old forehead and tiptoed out of the room.